New Projects
April 2000 - Present

Redesign and implement persistent storage architecture for client's mobile Internet browser. The project involves restructuring an existing cache subsystem to store a wider variety of data than just cache web pages, and extending the lower layers to handle devices with a wider array of persistent storage solutions.


Ongoing Projects
July 1999 - February 2000

Design, prototype and implement an off-line e-mail system for cellular phones. System integrates with client's existing cell phone browser infrastructure.


March 1999 - Present Perforce

Design and implementation of plug-in versions of Perforce's client-side software. The new versions plug in to popular development environments (CodeWarrior and DevStudio) to provide SCM functionality from within the environment.
See the Plug-In Architecture write-up.


August 1998 - January 2000

Design, implementation, and ongoing evolution of a text entry subsystem for client's mobile Internet browser.
See the Text Entry write-up.


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