Buckyball Origami

The image in our logo is a modular origami sphere made by John Horigan. It consists of 120 pieces of folded paper and is about eight inches in diameter.

The shape is a model of a Buckminsterfullerene molecule. These are a class of molecules that consist only of carbon atoms linked in a spherical arrangement. They are commonly called 'Buckyballs'. The first discovered was C-60 in 1985, with sixty carbon atoms, and has the same geometry as a soccer ball. Since then many different sizes have been produced in the lab. The origami model is of the C-80 variety with eighty carbon atoms.

Why a Buckyball? It was an unexpected design of nature which has both beauty and utility. We strive to create designs in software with the same properties. And, face it, it looks cool.


photography by
Weinberg & Clark


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