ar·chi·tec·ton·ic \,är-ke-,tek-'tän-ik\ adj
1: relating to, or according with the principles of architecture and design 2: having an organized and unified structure that is characteristic of an architectural design 3: pertaining to a master builder; evincing skill in designing or construction 4: relating to the scientific systematization of knowledge

We are dedicated to creating excellent software designs that are practical, extensible and beautiful.

We believe in a total approach to software design, one that examines both the details of the engineering task at hand and how it relates to the larger systems it is part of.

Excellent design must achieve:


Design should proceed from clarity of thought. We strive to understand the essence of each project we approach and express that essence throughout the project.


Obviously, each product must serve its intended function. However, a well designed product can be stretched by the user to go beyond its original function. Designing with this in mind results in products that are pliable, extensible, and handle the future gracefully.


It is not enough for a product to simply be the best at its given function. A product design should also conjure our sense of beauty and respect. The user should delight in the design.

We work both as consultants and as technology developers. We are available for consulting on both long and short term projects. Our technology can be licensed for inclusion your own products.

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