New Projects
August 1995 - December 1995 Apple Computer

Assisted in the Design and Development of Interactive Essays. This project of Alan Kay's group created web-based essays that people can directly interact with to learn about various topics. The project made use of Glyphic's Codeworks development environment and Glyphic Script programming language.


August 1995 - December 1995 Within & a major book publisher

The design and prototyping of an interactive mathematics text book. Worked with client's mathematics textbook author to bring the subject of remedial mathematics for adults to a computer based format.


March 1995 - July 1995

The design and prototyping of client's first Internet browser for cellular phones. Assisted in the design of client's markup language, HDML 1.0, and created first applications for cellular phones using this technology.
See the Wireless Markup write-up.


February 1995 - July 1995 Artifex

Ported client's product, Ghostscript, to the Macintosh. Ghostscript is an implementation of the PostScript language. The project involved porting a large software product, creating a user interface, and user documentation. Ran the public beta-test of the project.


Ongoing Projects
January 1993 - February 1995 EO

Ported Glyphic Script to the PenPoint platform. The port include extensive integration with the host operating system, and customization to match the PenPoint's user interface.
See the Development Tools write-up.


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