Project Web Based Paging
Client -restricted-
Task Design & Build
Tools TCP/IP, Perl, C, Apache
Solution custom server interfaces, templated web generation

Web Based Paging to Cell Phones

A large phone company came to us looking for a way to span the worlds of cellular phone text paging and the World Wide Web. Understanding diverse computing platforms and producing working solutions is something Glyphic does well. We were able to integrate the arcane protocols of cellular phone paging, and write code to link them to a set of web pages.

Our client owns several cellular franchises across the country. They needed to be able to deploy the same web paging service in several markets, yet allow each market to retain its own identity. We responded by making the web side of the project be driven by template files. In this way, we could leave the web page graphic design up to each market's design team.

During the project Glyphic made careful analysis of both the cell phone and web sides of the project. Relating these data allowed us to suggest changes to the project that allow our client to still meet their project goals, but save time and money.

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