Project Graphic Application
Client Connectix
Task Design & Build
Tools C++, Windows & Macintosh
Solution Common code base, User Interface

Creating An Application

Connectix came to us with an idea for an application: Why not use their QuickCam camera to allow people to quickly make photo ID badges. Someone could walk-up, snap their picture, type in their name, and print a badge on a label printer in, say, about fifteen seconds. Connectix had even gone so far as to create a very early prototype.

Glyphic took it and ran: We investigated, analyzed and redesigned the entire user interface. We created a structure for the program that let it deal with many different kinds of badges. We learned a lot about bar codes and printing to small label printers. Then we implemented the application... on both Macintosh and Windows for simultaneous release.

Working with Connectix shows another side of our work: Working on spec. to create a product on dead-line. We ran as an independent engineering group at first: we worked with marketing to define the feature set, and coded the product on two platforms. Toward the end of the poject, we worked with Connectix's quality assurance to test the product and work out some final kinks. Lastly, Connectix's engineering and product groups helped finish the product with installer code, final CD-ROM mastering, and packaging.

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