In the spring of '92 Mark Lentczner and Bruce Schwartz found themselves working at Go Corporation. They decided that they wanted to work on creating a new kind of interactive development environment and language. Unable to do this within Go, they left in March and formed Glyphic Technology.

Over the next six months they created a complete development environment and object oriented language, running on the Macintosh.

At the 1992 OOPSLA Conference in Vancouver, Glyphic hosted the first public demonstration of its technology. The demonstration generated a lot of interest, and soon afterwards, under contract from EO, Inc., work on a commercial version of the system for the PenPoint operating system began.

Over the next year and a half, Glyphic's core technology made the transition from a technology demonstration to a commercial product. When this was done, the core technology included a full, object oriented, garbage collecting, language; a graphical user interface construction kit with automatic display updating and constraint based window layout; and a full high level programming environment. A complete native application development environment was produced for PenPoint.

Since that time Glyphic has ported its technology to Macintosh (680x0 and PowerPC), DOS, Windows, and Unix. As this technology is small, it has been incorporated into a project in enhancing the web with Apple Computer.

Over the last few years, Glyphic has also taken on a number of projects with other companies, including Connectix and Some of these projects involve Glyphic's technology, some do not. All of them involve interesting design projects in computer languages, environments and protocols.

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