Affine Transforms in Java2D

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9. Links and Credits


Affine Transforms in Java2D
written and programmed by Mark Lentczner
Glyphic Technology
editing and design assistance the Glyphic Guys: Brad Sandman & Lou Ceci
extra help and comments 'da man' at Java Soft: Jim Graham
coffee and cafe tables Red Rock, a coffee house in Mtn. View , CA

If you liked this tutorial, and think it was well produced, considering using Glyphic Technology for your next software design project.  Glyphic Technology is a software design consultancy that designs APIs, protocols, languages, user interfaces and entire software products.

Links to Related Sites

These sites are all on the Java web site at Sun:
JavaTM 2D the home page of Java2D
JDK 1.2 documentation page of links to all Java 1.2 documentation
JDK 1.2 API documentation API reference for all Java 1.2 classes and interfaces, including java.awt.geom.AffineTransform
Java Foundation Classes (JFC): 2D Graphics and Imaging page of links to all Java2D documentation
Java 2D API Guide: Enhanced Graphics and Imaging for Java introduction to Java2D, includes a short section on affine transformations
These sites were a help in preparing this tutorial:
Agitprop at Verso an excellent source of ideas about web design
Perforce - Codewarrior - Frontpage - Photoshop - Textpad - Vaio 505 - Fluxx various software, a notebook computer, and a card game, all of which were crucial to my completing this tutorial.
Affine Transform Lesson
1. Introduction
2. Ordering
3. Ordering, Part II
4. Try It
5. Graphics2D
6. AffineTransform
7. Wiggly Text
8. Code Examples
9. Links & Credits
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