Affine Transforms in Java2D

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7. Wiggly Text

This demo makes extensive use of affine transforms to draw text:

wiggly.gif (5285 bytes)

Since you are reading the version of this lesson with no embedded applets, you'll have to run the applet yourself.  You will need either  the JRE 1.2 or the JDK 1.2 installed on your machine.

To run the applet, type the following at a command prompt:

If you prefer, you can download the jar file:
    WigglyText.jar -- 32k bytes

...and then run it with:
    java -cp WigglyText.jar WigglyTextApplet

The only difference is that running it as an application will run it with your machines's native look and feel.

Affine Transform Lesson
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