Affine Transforms in Java2D
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This is a short tutorial on Affine Transforms and Java2D. We created this tutorial because of a need to understand how transforms work in our own work with Java2D.

There are three versions of this tutorial, depending on your machine's ability to run code written for Java 1.2:

If your browser can natively run Java 1.2 applets, then rectangle at left should say "Hello There!".  If it does, start here:

[ Applet Version ]

</comment> If you have the Java 1.2 Plug-in installed, and working with your browser, then the rectangle at left should say "Hello There!".  If it does, start here:

[ Plug-In Version ]

If you don't have the plug-in, using the Plug-In version will start the download and install process for you.

Note: we've seen the Java plug-in choke on moderately complex applets.   If you have problems, use the Image Only version.

This is just a GIF image If you can't run Java 1.2 within your browser at all, then you can view this version.  If you want to run the sample programs, you'll need either the JDK1.2, or JRE 1.2 installed.

[ Image Only Version ]

If you need a version of Java that can run Java2D, look on Sun's site:

JavaTM 2 SDK
Standard Edition
v 1.2.1

JavaTM 2 Runtime Environment
Standard Edition
v 1.2.1

JavaTM Plug-in

written by:
Mark Lentczner
Glyphic Technology
Copyright 1999