Shelving Unit

Room Divider - Open Shelving - Cabinets
a stunning piece for the focal point of an office

Rather than fill our office with cubicle walls - this custom built unit creates a sense individual space while maintaining connections between people.

These units were custom built for us and feature excellent craftsmanship.

The ends have cabinets with four adjustable shelves. The doors open on the side facing the camera in the upper right image. The backside of the cabinet is finished to match (can been seen in bottom center image.)

Each wing offers 20 feet of linear shelf space 2 feet deep. Books can be placed from both sides, if desired, doubling the capacity. The two units together could hold 80 feet of books, not including the cabinets.

The two wings can be detached from the partition and used independently.

Each Shelf Wing: 8' L x 2' D x 5' H
Divider: 9' L

Price: $500/wing o.b.o, sold individually.


If interested contact:
Mark Lentczner


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