Sept. '01
September 2001    

Glyphic is now a registered BREW developer. We have been working with the BREW SDK, and have all the developer credentials to create certified BREW applications.

We are excited about Qualcomm's BREW platform for cellular phones because it is the first platform for creating rich, interactive mobile software in C and C++. This enables a range of applications, and a depth of user expedience not available in other cellular phone systems.

We see some exciting application areas that this new platform opens up, such as:

  • Advanced messaging
  • Daily interactive puzzles
  • Interactive polling with live feedback
  • Mobile, on-line communities

With over five years expedience writing software for cellular phones, with emphasis on Internet connectivity, Glyphic has the talent to help you create applications for this new platform.

Contact us to talk about bringing your ideas to life on the BREW platform.

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