Aug. '01
August 2001

Glyphic unveiled its first trade-show booth at this year's LinuxWorld Expo. We spoke with many interesting people, gave a series of short design talks on a wide variety of topics (see below for one of the most popular ones), and gave out over 30 pounds of chocolate!

All in all, we consider our first show a success.


  The booth was designed for us by seva. The images in the background are modular origami spheres. The smaller one is a dodecahedron. The larger is a model of a C-80 Buckminsterfullerene. It has 120 individual pieces of folded paper.


the one about 2 + 2...


"2" + 2 - 2 = ?

The answer is surprising, and different in each of the following languages:

The answer is 2. Strings convert to numbers, then the rest is arithmetic
The answer is 20! The type conversion rules for plus turn the first operation into a string concatenation to get the string "22". Then the type conversion rules for minus convert this to a number and subtract.
Illegal: The plus converts the number to a string, but then the minus fails since you can't apply the minus operator to a string
Illegal: Mixed mode plus isn't legal with strings and numbers.
C / C++
The answer is a pointer to the string constant "2". The operators are pointer operations and are legal. However, if we did this with 3s, it would be illegal: the addition would point too far beyond the character array.
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